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2022 Shows

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Since our long past blog, we have updated our site with new products and said adios to over 1,400 products which were retired.  As of this month. November 2021, we have blocked all categories and products which are not readily available at our AAFES Kiosk, Fort Sam Houston.  This is in response to customers, potential customers, etc., not looking at our 'READ BEFORE ORDERING" page and ordering products.  The products have been retired and/or back ordered which the companies have said, now, products could arrive late December 2021 through late January 2022.  It's a tremendous loss of business to us and our partner companies but out of our realm until the shipping crisis is resolved in the various ports.  This will hopefully happen by March 2022 but probably not until late summer 2022.  Bear with us as we weather these conditions.

We maintain that if you want a particular product, please drop us a message or email, and we will research it before you order and money on hold.  Contact us through our email at danielhillusa1@att.net and/or message at 210-237-8668.  NO CALLS PLEASE as most calls arrive without a customer name and if such happens, WE WILL NOT ANSWER UNKNOWN CALLS.  Identify yourself.  Thank you.


WELCOME to 2019!!!  As of January 8, we are working on updating our 2019 show schedule and adding in over 300 new products.  We're also reviewing all the distributor sites and updating our inventory accordingly.  If you are looking for something in particular and it's not in one of the categories, try looking in our [...]

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Starting May 2015, we are incorporating, slowly, bulk pricing in our figurines.  You'll notice below the "Quantity" there will be a "Buy in bulk and save" link.  Buy in any quantity over 2 items of the same item and save up to 35% off retail cost.  Because our inventory carries over 8,000 items, this is [...]

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Our baby dragon collection has grown from 25 items to now 32 items.  We are in the process of obtaining the entire collection so be sure to visit often and "COLLECT THEM ALL".  This also includes the new baby dinosaurs.  Additionally, we've acquired new large or giant figurines, some of which are LED statues and [...]

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COMING SOON - We have new dragons and other wonderful medieval/renaissance products as well as products for home and garden.  Our AAA - NEW ARRIVALS highlights some of the new products which we anticipate being available at our AAFES Kiosk in March or April 2014.  We also have received at our kiosk new fantasy journals [...]

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