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Bulk Pricing

Starting May 2015, we are incorporating, slowly, bulk pricing in our figurines.  You'll notice below the "Quantity" there will be a "Buy in bulk and save" link.  Buy in any quantity over 2 items of the same item and save up to 35% off retail cost.  Because our inventory carries over 8,000 items, this is a work in progress.  As of May 2015 we have bulk pricing listed for our "Orchard Collection" a ceramic plate, bowl, etc., collection of dishware configured to look like vegetables.  Additionally, our "Dragon Empire" collection and our "Fairy Meadows" collection are our second and third categories which will reflect bulk pricing.  We will gradually add all other categories as we eventually list bulk pricing for everything.  Questions about items not listed yet, please text us at:  210-237-8668 or email to danielhillusa1@att.net.  We will add those items as requested within 24 hours.