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Associated shipping and handling costs are handled by the warehouse in which our products are shipping from.  Products may be shipped from California, Illinois, Oklahoma, Texas, or New York.  When you enter your shopping cart, the "Estimated Shipping" costs are ONLY AN ESTIMATE.  Actual shipping costs are determined from the cognizant warehouse where the products are shipped and FEDEX, USPS, UPS shipping costs.  Your shipping costs may or may not be more or less than what is stated.  The costs in the shopping cart are a guide to the actual costs.  When we receive your orders, we send them to the warehouse and when they determine the correct costs, they notify us and we in turn let you know.  We know that this may sound different than most shipping but we want to ensure that you are charged only the fair amount for shipping.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at one of the following:  saurianempire@att.net, danielhillusa1@att.net, or TEXT to 210-237-8668.  You may also send us a text message at the same number.

Please;  NO CALLS.  We receive too many calls with unknown caller ID.  Most of these calls are SPAM and we will not accept any call unless we know who is calling and if the message states "Saurian Customer".