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Corona Virus 19 WARNING


FROM SAURIAN EMPIRE/SPECTRUM HOME DECOR:  All products depicted on our "AAFES KIOSK" link have been in storage since early 2019.  ALL NEW PRODUCTS arriving after May 15th in California are carefully checked.

October 1, 2020.  Warehouses are open and the following are the procedures they are undertake to ensure we receive products virus-free.

Warehouses in California are still struggling to receive products from China.  They have the same concern as many customers/vendors/companies do.  They also realized that the products which were received were loaded onto a container at least 6 weeks ago from factory to port in China and loaded onto the ship.  Factory to port takes about 1-2 weeks.  Sailing about 3 weeks depending on ocean sea state, storms, etc.  Once it arrives in Los Angeles, it must clear Customs before going to the warehouses.  That takes approximately 1-2 weeks. Once Customs has cleared the cargo and it arrives at the company warehouse, they must spend extra time processing all the shipping orders, and transit time to any of our customers.  Given that, they feel the virus from China should be dead.  However, with the handling of the products at the warehouse, and to stay within safety compliance, all of their staff wears gloves, masks on handling all orders so that none of the items being stocked and shipped to customers, are touched with bare hands.

When customers receive their products through Fedex, UPS, USPS, etc., it is inherent on them to also continue safety standards and do not take the boxes directly into your business or home.  Rather have boxes delivered to your back entrance so as to not "contaminate" your show floor.  Following the same procedures as the warehouses and any additional sanitizing of individual boxes, wearing masks/gloves, etc., should deter all remaining viruses if they have survived.  Also discard the outer boxes, packing material, bubble wrap, paper, etc.  Place in your recycling bins for further disposition and limit employee contract to only those who should handle the discarded material.  STAY SAFE, VIRUS AWARE, and remember, WE ALL ARE IN THIS TOGETHER.  This virus may be with us for many months (6-18 months) to come but by not giving in to normal routine and practicing enhanced protection, we will eventually defeat it.