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Corona Virus 19 WARNING


21Nov02 -- FROM SAURIAN EMPIRE/SPECTRUM HOME DECOR Saurian Empire:  All products depicted on our "AAFES KIOSK" link have been in storage since early 2019.  ALL NEW PRODUCTS are carefully inspected by the  U.S. Customs and Border Protection as they enter the United States.  After arriving at whatever port they are scheduled for, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection generally will open all containers, remove each box, inspect for contraband, and return to container for being allowed to continue on their journey.  If proceeding from California or other ports of entry, once they have arrived at their final destination, U.S. Customs and Border Protection again performs the same procedure is performed before being allowed delivery to their ultimate destination.  For our products, this entails additional inspections in Dallas, Texas, Oklahoma,  Houston, Virginia, New York, Wisconsin or other additional or whatever location receives the products.

It is regrettable but we have blocked all associated categories except those affiliated with "AAFES Kiosk" to show ONLY WHAT IS CURRENTLY ON HAND.  NO NEW PRODUCTS ARE BEING ADDED UNTIL 2022.  This is because people in general WILL NOT ask if a product is in stock BEFORE ORDERING.  We have had to return nearly $2,000 in orders because NO ONE READS AND LISTENS.

 Products must be verified available at the warehouses before purchases made.  There has been an increase in backorders and out of stock products, now numbering over 1,500 products; up from 875 products in September.  We cannot control delivery of products from the ships anchored in the harbors; some anchored for 3 months.  Until the situation returns to normal (hopefully buy summer 2022) (wishing for before summer), our website is heavily restricted.  Sorry for the inconvenience but it has also seriously hurt our sales.